...and I am very happy there.

...and I am very happy there.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

And we're off!

I love to write and I started an "off-line blog" after seeing blogs on the internet and thinking it was cool. What is not so cool… it’s on the internet! If there is one thing my son, Bryan, taught me it was that ANYONE can break into your supposedly “safe” domain at some point no matter how many firewalls or anti-whatever safety precautions you take. I also learned, thanks to email, that people don’t always take what you type the way you meant it and feelings get hurt or worse -- really, really upset. I know I have read some things on the internet and wonder, “Do they realize who may see this?”

So it is with some fear and trepidation, that I start this blog. After doing an offline blog for a few months. I realized there are things I do wish to share. What I have experienced and how I handled those experiences may just benefit one person out there. If that is the case, then this blog has served its purpose.

The title comes from an embarrassing habit I have of talking or laughing (mostly laughing) to myself when I think I am alone. However, on several occasions, some folks overheard me and started to wonder about my sanity. Once, after hearing me laughing to myself several times in the office, one of my bosses made the comment: “You’re in your own little world, aren’t you, Daisy?” (his pet name for me). To which I replied, “YES, I am! And I really like it there!!!”

So there you have it. Sometimes the real world is a hurtful place and as I start to wallow in my thoughts, inevitably, I will think of something; that leads to some other thought; that leads to something funny and I start giggling to myself (or so I thought.) "My Own Little World" includes the happy (and maybe a few not so happy) places I have been in life. I can laugh at most of them now. And that helps make my time on this earth a little more tolerable. So let’s think of something hilarious together and make our world a little brighter, if only for ourselves.