...and I am very happy there.

...and I am very happy there.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Destruction Before the Construction

See the homes in back?

For years our family has enjoyed our backyard "expansion". Our backyard butts up against what used to be fields. Over the 30 years we have been here the land was on the market numerous times. Once, we were expecting a housing development, then condominiums, and even a cemetery (quiet neighbors!). These expectations never materialized. Either the lack of water, the lack of suitable access or town revolt, kept such plans from coming to fruition.
Bryan & cars (Note Berkshires (across the river) in background.)

Aaron on a hayride.
The fields were always mowed and the growth baled by local farmers (our 'neighbors') to feed their livestock. Then one year the tractors stopped coming and the fields grew. When the Glasco Bazaar was revived for a few years, the tractor came back and plowed a circle for families to go on hay rides.

Gone was the simple dilapidated farm tractor that so valiantly mowed the fields with grace, making way for his partner the baler to come and make beautiful hay bales. The first hay bales were the traditional block type, in later years they yielded to the large round bales. Thankfully we never modernized to the point of having them covered in white plastic, that look hideous and out of place in the natural setting.
Fall 2011

One year the tractor came back to cut a fire break. That was all the activity we had for many years.

So for the past 10 years, the fields have been left to grow and grow and grow.

This year all has changed. The tractor that came back this time it was a shiny green monster that cut not just the over-growth, but the small saplings and trees that came in its path. The first pass of the new tractor made new pathways.

Looking down the power lines toward the river.
Then they came back again and again...until most brush and trees were gone.

Looking south from Cafaldo's backyard.
Access to field on turn on 32.

Then a bulldozer came to remove all that the green monster couldn't chop up.

Until, today we have the destruction of the mini forest to get ready for the construction of low income (affordable?) housing.

Northeast edge of our property looking toward river.

Directly behind our house looking toward river.

Looking south from the middlle of upper field.

From field looking toward Cafaldo's shop.
Looking back toward homes (west) from field.

Spying on the bulldozer!

One day we had a view of brush.
The next day most brush was pushed back to edge of the mini forest still left.
Looking from our backyard across Mr. Allen's.

Stay tuned for updates and progress(?)