...and I am very happy there.

...and I am very happy there.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Earthquakes, Hurricanes, and Flooding...OH MY!

Sunrise the morning before Hurricane Irene.
"Red sky in morning, sailors take warning!"

One might think we were in the end times...all this in one week in NY! I have now experienced three earthquakes in my lifetime in New York State.

Now I can say I have experienced a Hurricane (Irene) also in NY state. Topped off with torrential rains from Tropical Storm Lee.

The earthquake earlier in the week was a strong 5.8, but no damage was done around here.

The hurricanes brought major tree damage and destructive flooding happened all around us.

Thankfully we were spared.

We were concerned about trees coming down, but with prayer and the authority of JC, we watched limbs come down in our yard and one tree come down in our neighbor's yard without any damage.

Damage was minor in our little hamlet:

Our neighbors up the road.
Next door neighbor, Mr. Allen

We really expected Mr. Allen's tree to come down on his house. Fortunately, only a few limbs did and Central Hudson's tree cutters took more down, but left a good part of the tree.

Down by the Hudson River in Glasco, you can see the water was up on the cement blocks on Ciarlante's building.

If you double click on this photo you can see the seaweed and grass stuck in the fence.

No visible damage to the beloved conveyor, but the pier was underwater at some point.

The Saugerties Beach was under water twice, once with Irene and then Lee.

All in all, minor compared to others in our county and in neighboring counties who were not so fortunate...

Bushkill Creek in West Shokan on Watson Hollow Rd.
Gill Farms in Hurley

The Strand in down town Kingston, NY
Boiceville, NY

Bushkill Creek

We drove to Palenville one week after Hurricane Irene and the water was way down, but evidence of how high the water was is evident.

Kaaterskill Creek in Palenville

These photos give the juxtaposition of one area:

Beautiful falls on one side...

 A careful eye spots something amiss...

When you look to the other side you see, things are not quiet as serene as they appeared...

Oh my!!!
This is the bridge on Manorville Road in West Saugerties where it meets Ralph Vedder Road.