...and I am very happy there.

...and I am very happy there.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Power of Words

I have often heard that words are powerful and over the past few years I have come to have a healthy respect for the ones I put out there. While the written word is powerful enough, the spoken word is by far, the most powerful.

How many times do we wish we could take back the words we spoke in anger? How many times have we said something and immediately wished we hadn't? It is an important lesson to learn how to think before we speak and to speak what we truly mean.

In my last blog, I alluded to the fact that I have written many an email only to have it misconstrued. I never meant to be mean or hurtful. I do however, wish to make my point of view known. I do have a 'gift' of writing and can express myself on paper easier than face-to-face. I sometimes think I communicate all too well on paper (or through today's technology).

Years ago I bought a laptop with the hope that I would find it easier to write anywhere I chose. I tried over and over to stimulate the writer in me only to realize something wasn't right. Later I discovered that there is a therapy in hand writing a piece. I can express myself so much easier by writing rather than typing. I have had to train myself to slow down when I type to let the thoughts come through my fingers to the keys and get down what I feel. If I wish to share what I write, I also need to try to see if what I say is saying something other than what I really mean. I go back a forth between "this is who I am, so be it" and "think about who is reading this".

Then come the words we verbalize. Wow, have you ever stopped to think about the words we say? The words many say from day to day, without thought or out of habit? I believe these words are affecting us without our evening knowing it.

Just think how many times we say things like: "It's killing me", "I AM so sick and tired of this", "It's driving me crazy!" While many may think these are just casual words not to be taken seriously, consider the impact IF the words we say DID impact us in some way.

I know for me I have started paying attention to what I say. I have tried to catch my words before I speak them and turn them into more positive words. I avoid those that could bring me down or degrade who I am or others. I try to say something uplifting and encouraging rather than depressing.

Ever hear the advice to stay away from negative people? It is so true. Those folks who see the cup half empty most of the time are miserable to be around. You never want to share with them concerns for yourself or others, because they will bring you or the others down with their words. We must counter those negatives with positives.

I remember one time a supervisor of mine came to me after she turned a program over to me that she had been running and said, "The State report just came in and we are at the BOTTOM!" Knowing I really had nothing to do with the state the program was in, I smiled and said, "Then there's no place to go but up!" After another similar experience with the same woman, she growled and yelled, "JoAnn, you are such an idealist!" Thank you, Susan, those words I WILL accept!

That brings me to another problem in our world of words. We tend to accept (maybe it's just me), the things others say to us as true. "You look tired" some people used to say to me. I would feel awful when they said this. I realized later on that I didn't have my glasses on, or some other trivial thing, like windblown hair, that gave them that impression. One day I listened and then said to myself, "No, I just need to get some sunshine" and would head outside or to the bathroom to get away from their negative vibes -- after I put my glasses on and combed my hair, lol.

Some people say the words we put out there set forth processes in the "Universe" and that makes those words come true. I do believe what they are saying is somewhat true. Not that we can say, "I have a million dollars" and BAM! our bank account suddenly earns mega interest. But if you say negative or positive words, it does start you on a path to that end. I also believe you can and should stop the process by countering those negative words with something positive and uplifting. I usually say out loud, but quietly to myself, "I rebuke that" or "I don't accept that" to stop something they may possibly have put in motion.

It is said life and death are in the tongue and we need to train our tongue. Great advice! I ask you to just think about what you say from day to day. What you take in that others say from time to time. Think before you speak. Counter what others have put out there and let's see if that doesn't make a difference in the world even if it only in our own personal space.

I once told a woman "You have such a beautiful family, God bless you for sharing them with us." To which she replied, "Thank you, and I will receive that blessing!"

Imagine if we all said things like that?


  1. JoAnn! Do I have the honor of being the first person to comment on your new blog?! I hope so! It took me a minute to figure out it was you... : )

    I wish you all the best with this blog. I love the words that you ended this post with; yes, imagine if we all said that...

    Love to you and Jim...


  2. I agree. If you believe in the Law of Attraction, which I do, then you get what you put out. You put out joy, it will return. If you put out negativity, that is what you will get. It was a tough lesson to learn for me, but an important one. And I have tested it out..lol. Positive is so much better.