...and I am very happy there.

...and I am very happy there.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thankgiving...Giving Thanks

While the picture above may be the romantic depiction of the first Thanksgiving, (some say the Indians actually served the Pilgrims), I just want to focus on the theme and not get caught up in the politically correctness of our images.

It wasn't the Pilgrims or Indians giving thanks to each other that started the idea of celebrating Thanksgiving each fourth Thursday in November, it was to give thanks to our Provider. I believe as a Christian nation, we always looked to a Supreme Being for our sustenance whether it be food, clothing, shelter, guidance, wisdom, forgiveness, love or life. No human will ever fulfill the need we have inside us for any of these.

As my past blogs have shown, family is very important to me. But more than friends, family, my own children or husband, my God is to whom I am thankful for all of them and all he provides.

I have been in situations where others have let me down. I have been in situations where I have let myself down. I have been, at times, feeling very needy or unloved or unlovable, but thankfully there has always been someone and somewhere I could turn. 

As I stated in previous blogs, I grew up in the Catholic church. It was there that I was introduced to God. It was there that I learned of him, but I never got to KNOW him. Later in another church they taught of a personal relationship with the living God; that he was a God I could talk to and seek guidance. He was a God that had provided all I needed in sending his son to take on my short comings and repair the damage that had been done to create the gulf between us. 

By asking God to come into my life and to clean me up through the shedding of Jesus Christ's blood, I could have that personal, open communication with God. For that I am thankful. For that I give thanks to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit who see me as a worthy being. They provide all I need. They, the Three-in-One, will always be there for me to turn to when life on this earth is too overwhelming. 

I pray for everyone to know who their Creator is, what their purpose is in life, why we are here and what is going on now and what will come. Everyone is searching, some have found other means to cope, but Christ says he alone "is the Way, the Truth and the Life" and "no one comes to the Father but through the shedding of his (Christ's) blood." While others may seem to offer the same, I challenge them to really study what they believe -- even if it is to believe in nothing. Study it, find out for sure what you believe and why you believe it. Too many take it lightly that whatever they think in their own mind is to be the truth. Find out! 

If Christ is the ONLY way, it would be good to know, no? If he isn't, there is nothing to lose. 

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