...and I am very happy there.

...and I am very happy there.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mmmmmm....Hot Chocolate!

Nothing says winter time to me than a snowstorm. It's at that time we want to breakout the hot chocolate and marshmallows.

Today we are having snow squalls -- when it's sunny one minute and looking like a blizzard the next. It is a sign that winter is on it's way out. That doesn't mean we are finished with major snow storms, by any means. I can still remember a major snow drop one year on May 7. And I do mean DROP. Snow dropped, tree limbs with leaves dropped, power lines dropped and some roofs dropped. Power was out in the area for more than a week! I worked at a craft store and people were coming in to purchase craft kits and yarn because they had nothing else to do! It was like a flashback to Little House on the Prairie. Candles were selling like hot cakes. (Why do we say that? Did hot cakes ever sell fast at some point? What is a hot cake anyway?)

Today we decided since I finally bought some mini marshmallows and I couldn't get warm even after baking and making soup all day, we should have a cup a chocolate. So you can see I used the biggest cup I have -- a Christmas gift from my grandson, Elijah and we made some delicious hot chocolate. Yum, it hits the spot and warms you to the core!

Everyone is complaining of winter and yes I sometimes wish it would move on. But this year has been so exciting. We kicked off with a small dusting early in December and then had a major blizzard the day after Christmas. Since then we have had snow storms for almost seven weeks straight. A saying was going around, "If it's snowing, it must be Tuesday!"

I loved it. I hate nothing more than having snow before or after Christmas and then mud, slush and yuck for the rest of winter. So I have been celebrating winter, as you can see by my wreath, that I refuse to put away. (Over the star it says, "Winter Wishes"). And wearing my favorite winter sweater that says, "Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow!". (I have been asked by coworkers to leave it at home. lol!)

 We currently still have about a foot of snow on our picnic table and a good ten inches on the ground. But the driveway and pathways are clear. We did warm up enough to get some melting and then some new creations appeared.

Amazing how as one season slides into the next there are always new things to enjoy. I sometimes feel sorry for those that never get to experience the change.

Of course there are those like our two sons in Florida who are happy as clams to be in the heat and away from the cold. Our son Bryan was flabbergasted when he moved to Florida and realized some people had never experienced snow. Or worse yet, their KIDS never experienced snow! Funny!

Like me, he can't imagine a winter without snow and ice...at least the fun part of it. No one likes black ice or driving through storms, especially with inexperienced drivers or just plain dumb folks that take no precautions.But I hope to never have to live in a place where there is no winter. That just wouldn't seem right.

I almost feel people don't understand how to enjoy the fun winter can provide. I got a glimpse of that when I was shopping for marshmallows. I happened to see some in Bed Bath and Beyond. Now what on earth are marshmallows doing in BBB? As I picked up the bag I noticed they weren't exactly the fresh fluffy kind I would have expected and then I noticed the Marshmallow Shooter... what is the world coming to?

(Note: I did not buy those marshmallows. I went to a grocery store and purchased the deliciously sweet, squishy, fresh minis that are just right for a cup of hot chocolate.)

So enjoy the winter wherever you may be. I will hunker down with my books, my sweaters and a very large cup of hot chocolate!

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