...and I am very happy there.

...and I am very happy there.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Leaving on a jet plane...

Today I made our flight reservations to go visit our two younger sons in Florida. This is probably our only destination vacation for the year and a respite from the jobs and winter weather. We so look forward to the warmer temps but not as much as the time spent with our boys. (Yeah, yeah, I hear you all saying, "Boys? They are in their twenties, when are you going to call them men?" It's a carryover from my mom who called all men more than twenty years younger than she "boys". Jeepers!)
Dan, Bryan & Aaron the day Dan moved to Florida.

While we are in Florida, Aaron and Corinn are moving into a new house they will be renting. With a cat and a dog, they are looking forward to having their own place away from smoking neighbors. We will be helping them move while we are down there.

It is so funny for Jim and I to think about the many times our kids have moved compared to us. Jim moved once in his childhood. I never moved from the house I was born in. We met and married and in our 30 plus years, have moved from our childhood homes to our two apartments and then to the home we are in now. A mere three times!

All Dan's belongings fit in his car!
Moving Aaron's couch up to the second story apt.
Bryan moved to college in New Jersey to two different places, then to Potsdam where he also lived in two different apartments, back here and then to Long Island, then to Florida and to Georgia and while in GA has moved twice. Aaron moved from here in NY to Florida and has relocated twice since moving there. This one will be his third move. Dan moved from here to Florida to live with Bryan & Jess to attend college. He and Aaron moved into an apartment together so Dan could finish college and then they moved into another apartment before Dan moved on to his own apartment just before Aaron got married.

That's Corinn's dad helping Jim move his son-in-law to be.
Bryan we helped move all the but last two times. Aaron we moved both times and Dan moved himself with Aaron this last move. The really funny part is just about ALL the places they have lived since moving out are bigger than the home they grew up in and we NEVER had any family help us move. Only once did we enlist the help of a friend and it was mainly because he had the truck!

Maybe this is why my back is giving me so many problems as I get older...I have learned I can no longer lift, shovel or push ANYTHING. So I will happily pack, unpack, cook, clean but not move one box or piece of furniture while I am on my working vacation.

Hope I can get to the pool to relax my sore muscles! ;)

Florida or bust...not!

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