...and I am very happy there.

...and I am very happy there.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Beyond Organic...

Yesterday I met Jordan Rubin in a face-to-face meeting with about 20 other interested parties to hear about his new line of organic food.

I first was introduced to Jordan through his book, The Maker's Diet. His story intrigued me because it combined healthy eating with Biblical teaching. He then published, The Great Physician's Rx for Health and Wellness which went even further in helping us gain great health through God's intended ways of living.

I often thought, as I researched organic food and natural ways to prevent disease through diet, how come somebody didn't go back to following biblical principles for farming, cooking and eating. After all the Creator did give specific instructions and most of them had a great benefit if followed. Now Jordan Rubin has done just that. He has read the Bible extensively. He pulled out every scripture he could find on what mankind was supposed to eat and how it was to be prepared. Then he did the same with every scripture on health and well-being -- physically, mentally and spiritually. And repeated this with every scripture on what the Bible says about farming, raising livestock, what was eaten, and what was burned up as a sacrifice to God, never to be eaten by mankind. Guess what? Even the humane treatment of animals and the slaughter of animals is covered in the Bible with specific instructions on how to drain the blood so it doesn't pool in the body and hold the toxins in the meat!

Jordan decided to first start a farm to raise his own animals for food to provide the best for his family, following Biblical principles. As God increased his vision, he expanded to provide for others of us that want to protect our health through diet. Thus, Beyond Organic was founded.

Beyond Organic is so unique (by today's standards) in its entire process of growing and processing the livestock to the purest standard. It attempts to return our food supply to what it used to be just a short time ago. It combines the process of crop rotation and livestock rotation to work together to give you a high quality, sustainable and healthy product for our consumption. This food is carefully grown without pesticides, hormones, or chemical fertilizers. All the animals are "green-fed" and not just grain or grass fed.

Some, including me, are somewhat skeptical at what is basically a Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) method of selling his products. Jordan agrees this style of marketing in the wrong hands has been abused. However he decided the only way consumers could appreciate what went into his products was to have it explained through trained "Mission Marketers" that could tell much more than a label about the cheese, water, beef and other products that are produced.

He also offers water from the purest springs that he has searched the country for and is now passing it on to you. He assures us that it is the closest to pure water you will find. He has kept the price to match a bottle of Fuji water that some believe to be one of the better waters available today.

So today I learned that Beyond Organic is just that -- organic that is beyond any organic you will find in Whole Foods or your local Co-op. Right now Jordan is the ONLY ONE doing anything like this. If you wish to learn more about Beyond Organic food, or wish to purchase it, I encourage you to view the link above and follow the instructions to learn more.

I am currently ordering samples of the products so I can host a "Tasting" in the near future. Let me know if you would be interested in attending.

Please check out the website and contact me about how you can get the products for free or at reduced prices, or if you wish to have more information. Feel free to contact me through my Facebook Page (JoAnn Muller Bell) or email (jbell1-at-hvc.rr.com).

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