...and I am very happy there.

...and I am very happy there.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Blue Sparrow Dreams

This morning I awoke from a dream...

I dreamed I had gone into the garage of our home that is attached to the house and can be entered into from the kitchen. When I opened the door I noticed a beautiful blue bird that looked more like a sparrow flitting around trying to get out. I wanted to catch him as he was so beautiful and unlike any sparrow I had seen before. Knowing I couldn't keep him, I caught him and took him to the back door of the garage and set him free.

When I came back into the kitchen I noticed another blue sparrowlike bird inside my house! This one was not flitting, but was struggling to fly and I could see that while he was not hurt, he was in desperate need of some help. Since I had no idea how long this bird had been in my house or what was wrong, I knew I couldn't set him free the way he was. I went to get a old birdcage that I had and put  the bird into it. Here he was safe from hurting himself and I had an opportunity to look at him closer.

Photo credit to Richard Shears

His wings were not broken, yet he struggled to fly. Every time he landed his feet could not hold him and he tipped over onto his chest. He look so small and weak. In the cage were a few items that I had not removed and before I knew it the bird was pecking at what appeared to be a small toy. I looked closer and saw a small plaster animal that must have either been stored in the cage or dropped in by one of the kids. The bird feverishly pecked at the object and then would spit out the pieces. I realized he must be starved so I went and got some birdseed from the garage and placed it in the cage along with a small bowl of water. The bird ate and drank and became more alive before my eyes.

I wanted to keep the bird because he was so unique and beautiful, but I knew I could not. I would free him once his strength returned and he was able to fly safely.

I have had many dreams, but this time I asked the Lord to provide an interpretation and He gave it...

The house was not my own, but His church. Some people get trapped inside and stay within the walls of the church that they believe they are no longer able to escape to fly freely as He had designed. They just stay because they can't find their way out or become accustomed to where they are. Others are poisoned by what they are feeding on or are being starved altogether from what is being taught.

We as believers need to feed on the True WORD of God, the Living Word, His Manna for us. We also need to share what we have learned as we have the seed to give others life, health, and freedom.

As I have been on an intense journey over the past two years, learning much more of what the Lord wants me to do in my life, I have lacked the confidence to think I had much to share. This dream has taught me that what I have could be just the food some need to survive. I must share it and not just store it up!

By the way, Blue Sparrows are out there. They are very rare and many do not even know they exist! They have been spotted in Australia and in Texas, USA. See the link under the photo.

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  1. What a beautiful and meaningful dream, JoAnn. Thanks so much for sharing it! And thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I hope you are able to post more on your blog and that I am savvy enough to stay more current with you :-) I am convinced that God does indeed have meaningful sharing for us to do right where we are and I pray we are bold enough
    to do it! xx