...and I am very happy there.

...and I am very happy there.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Looking Up...

The other day I had a wonderful surprise. I was at a restaurant on the invitation of a dear friend that I met in church and have known for years. While waiting for her at the restaurant, I noticed my old boss from Methods Tooling come in. I wondered if she was there for the same seminar I was, but upon arrival she headed for the bar. I went over to say hi.

Turns out she was at the bar to get wine to ease the pain in her back and then would be attending the seminar. We went back to my table and started to catch up. As fate would have it, she was also friends with the woman I was waiting for and she also brought a friend that knew my friend as well.

So here we sat, four women who knew two or three others out of the group, catching up on our lives. It was wonderful!

Lately I have been thinking a lot about the women I looked up to and who had an impact on my life. I wonder too, if I ever impacted any young woman's life as they did mine.

As a youngster, I looked up to my sisters for guidance and direction. They were two very different women and I gleaned different nuggets of wisdom from them both. First, they taught manners and good grooming habits; then, makeup techniques and studying habits; and later, how to handle dating or life situations.

In my teens, my sisters continued to play an important role in my life, but as they lived outside our home, other girls or women help guide my steps. The moms of some of my friends or even my friends that were a few years older shared their wisdom.

Once I was married and had kids, I was involved in church. I sought out different women of different ages to ask advice. What a wealth of information was received! I especially loved the advice of women who has raised their children beyond the ages of mine so I could "pick their brains" to find out what they did.

When I was going through the teen years with our sons, it was such a blessing to be able to call these women to ask them for advice, prayer, or to babysit while I took care of something involving the other children. It was wonderful to have women I could trust just as I would my mom or sisters.

Many of these women have no idea the impact they played in my life or those of my children, because they help keep me sane in the craziest times. Many of these women still come through my life from time to time just as my former boss did this week and I cherish the memories we stir up as we recall the past from our different perspectives.

As Irene shared with the group how I impacted her life back when I was only in my 20's, I marvel at how we helped each other in ways neither of us was aware.

How are you impacting the lives of those around you? The world today is in need of people to come up alongside others and put an arm around them to guide them in a loving, caring manner. Sometimes a word of advice spoken in love will have a tremendous impact on the person who receives it.

Its not a hard thing to do really. When you suspect someone needs help, ask if you can make a suggestion or offer a hand. This can be done with total strangers as well as friends and family and most times it will be greatly appreciated. Our world is desperate for people waiting for a hug or someone to listen. Keep your senses open to those around you. Someone may be in need of your arms to fall into or your words wisdom to hear.

Reach out and touch someone!

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