...and I am very happy there.

...and I am very happy there.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

A marathon of a different kind...

Today was a cold day -- at least comparatively speaking. We have had several days in the 90's with high humidity. This, after several days in the 80's. Then we had today....60 was the high and it has been either pouring or raining lightly or just about to rain. So what do I do?

Bake! Broil! Grill!

On chilly mornings, even during the warmer months, I make hot cereal. Today was no exception. Steel oats mixed with a dash of cinnamon, a bit of honey, some raisins, nuts and you have a nourishing hot breakfast to warm your cockles.

Realizing these cooler mornings were limited, I decided to make some oatmeal raisin muffins. While the oven was on, I decided to try something new and made some mini quiches with spinach and artichokes.

Then I got a phone call with a opportunity I couldn't resist, so off I went to meet some friends for... breakfast! But what about all that food I prepared? No problem, we will eat it all week!

After breakfast, I took a trip to the Farmer's Market and bought some organic strawberries, chard and kale.

Once home, I started the oven up again and made some granola. Then came some eggplant rollups for lunch. Continuing to take advantage of the hot oven, I made a vegetable lasagna for dinner.

When dinner time rolled around, I had to heat up the oven once again, so I threw in a pear crisp and used up those pears that were getting a tad ripe.

Sometimes I think I want to be a chef, baker, or cook. But reality sets in and I hear that voice of wisdom say, "if you HAD to do it every day, you wouldn't like it so much." So I will stick with my high production in the kitchen whenever the mood strikes. Jim greatly appreciates all this diverse cuisine. You would think he'd be the size of a house eating all that I prepare. Alas, he still is thin and I on the other hand could stand to stop "tasting" my own cooking for a while. But then that encouraging voice once again shouts out the retort:  "you only live once!", "you made it 'healthy' so you can enjoy it", or in any Italian Grandma's voice, "Mangia! Eat!"

I haven't always been this way...Love to cook -- yes. Cook, bake, broil or grill many things in one day -- no. It wasn't until our kids left home that my style of cooking changed. Jim and I decided to start eating healthier now that we didn't have kids to nag at us about the food I prepared. I tried to get the family to eat healthier when the boys were home and I succeeded only minimally. But now the kids are out, the organics are in and I can experiment all I want. Jim is a willing guinea

I have also learned to cook some family recipes that were daunting to me in years past. I now make the best sauerbraten, turkey with specialty stuffings, lasagna with three different meats and cheeses just like my momma used to make, or tweaked to customize it to my liking. Earlier this week, I made pizza on the grill! And not just an ordinary pizza, but one with beets, cheese and dates. Weird combo, I know, but delicious! Nowadays, I never lack for willing taste testers and requests for repeats.

What's next???? Crepes... rouladin?? The choices are endless. Sorry kids your momma ain't cookin' yo dinna no more!

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