...and I am very happy there.

...and I am very happy there.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

I remember being a child and looking at the world as a world of limits.

As I grew, I realized my limits were not necessarily limits at all. That beyond the door was another world. Beyond my house were other homes. Beyond my family were not only other relatives but other people as well. It's amazing to me how we think we always have limits until we discover there is a world beyond.

I love that scientists are discovering each day new worlds beyond what we ever thought was possible. As I was reading through my grandson's anatomy textbook, I was amazed at how our perspectives have changed in just the short time that I have been out of school.

Who ever thought that each cell in our body carried DNA that was unique just to us?

Who ever realized the animal kingdoms in the sea would include microscopic creatures that never have seen the light of day?

Unfortunately as we age, we sometimes forget the world we may live in is very different across the globe. Even in our own communities we see differences of people groups, personalities, and perspectives. It is amazing to think that we all live in such a small world when you see it from the perspective of an astronaut in space or a satellite sailing through the galaxies.

We used to think the world was huge! Now we know better. Some think we can't make an impact on this world. We should know better now that we have a few experiences to look back on.

Now that we are older and hopefully wiser, I would think we realize we are a very small part of what is out there, we should, one would hope, want to work together to help each other. Not take away from each other. Not to abuse one another. Not to have and look down on the have nots. Not to criticize one for their own opinion and outlook, but to try to see from one another's shoes. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Everyone should respect each other's opinion. But today we seem to still want to be the one who shouts loudest. We still want to be right without hearing what the others are saying.

When will we learn that we all leave the same way we came in...with nothing.

We all live in the same small world. We need to learn to listen to each other and help each other to see the other's perspective. Then and only then will be able to work together to make a difference.

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